Archaeology Live Schools Week!

Welcome to Archaeology Live Schools Week 2022! Keep scrolling for all the information you need about educational content available throughout the week.

The videos and resources available on this page have been designed with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 learners in mind (ages 7-14). The resources on this page can be used to support history topics such as changes in Prehistoric Britain, the Roman Empire, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and the Middle Ages. Our cross-curricular activities will also support geography and STEM topics too.

Getting Started

How you engage with our content is up to you – there are two learning pathways this year, each with their own webpage and five themes to explore:

A Journey Through Archaeology : Watch this exciting video series to discover how archaeologists prepare for a dig, the types of objects we might discover and the scientific methods used to analyse our findings. 

Artefact Mysteries : Join us at 2pm each day for our livestreams and take a special peek into some of the most interesting objects in York Archaeological Trust’s artefact collection.

You can choose to follow along with one or both pathways each day or you can mix and match the themes that interest you most. 

To help learners follow along, you can make use of the Archaeology Live Handbook, available to download here . Inside you will find separate pages for each day of our A Journey Through Archaeology videos and each of the Artefact Mysteries livestreams, so select which pages you would like to print according to which content you access.If you have any problems accessing this content, please email for support. And don’t worry if you miss a live session or can’t get started straight away – all of the content, including recordings of the live sessions, will be available online until 26th!

Keep the learning going 

If you and your students are ready to dig even deeper into archaeology, feel free to explore the other content and events we’re hosting across the Archaeology Live festival. Visit the What’s On page to find out more!

And don’t forget!

If you want more digital engagement with archaeology in the school year, why not book a virtual outreach session for your class? Prices are £85 for a single session, and choose a Viking, Roman or Prehistory themed session hosted by our archaeologists. We also offer paid-for sessions for home-education families at select times throughout the year, so check our website and our social media channels to find out when these are available. Visit our outreach pages here to learn more!